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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Bittle works?
Bittle helps you start and operate a bitcoin to naira business without stress. Once you sign up, you get a free website and customer support team.
How do I make money on Bittle?
You earn from the difference in bitcoin to naira rate. The best part is you determine how much profit you want to earn! For example, If you set a profit ratio of N5, for every $10,000 worth of Bitcoin, you’ll earn N50,000 in profit.
How do I withdraw my profits?
Once you set your profits and fill in your bank details, you can withdraw your profits whenever you want and you get credited immediately.
How will my customers get naira when they sell bitcoin to me?
When your customer sells bitcoin on your website and the transaction is verified, Bittle pays them in naira and pays your profit immediately.
How do I get customers?
All you have to do is let everyone know you now buy bitcoin by sharing your ads and business link on your Whatsapp status everyday. Every week, we post free flyers on our telegram channel that you can use to promote your bitcoin to naira business.
What if I’m not resident in Nigeria?
Yes. You can own and operate your bitcoin to naira exchange from any part of the world as long as the currency your clients need is Naira and you also have a Naira bank account in order to withdraw your profits.
Is Bittle secure?
Yes, all bitcoin to naira trades carried out on Bittle are 100% safe and secure.
Do you sell and buy bitcoins?
For now, Bittle merchants only buy bitcoin, they don’t sell. We are currently working on the ‘Sell’ feature, which will be released at a future date.
Is Bittle free from regulatory sanctions on cryptocurrency-related deposits?
The bank accounts of Bittle merchants and their customers are free from regulatory sanctions because Bittle's cash reserves are not domiciled with Nigerian Banks.